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Author Website Design

Author Website Design by Perry Digital Marketing.

A digital marketing company, focused on Writers and Authors.

My name is Russell Perry. I am a proud writer and the author of four novels to date. I have more than 30 years experience in marketing and more than ten years in Webdesign, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

As an independantly published Author, I know the frustrations of finding an agent and/or publisher in today’s publishing landscape. I quickly realised that independant publishing and marketing was the answer. It not only gave me the opportunity to get my work in front of an audience, it also gave me more control over my work and the returns I get from it.

The path I took also gave me another passion. I thoroughly enjoy the process of independant publishing and I’m very passionate about the marketing.

I spent the better part of my adult life in Sales and Marketing management, coming to Digital Marketing as soon as it emerged, applying traditional marketing rules to the digital world and studying web design, search engine and social media marketing, creating a digital marketing company (Marketronics), in 2007, specialising in Small Business webdesign and marketing.

During this period I decided to follow another passion, that of writing stories, and I’ve now published 4 books, with two more in the works.

Author Website Design – A Passion.

I’ve recently decided to combine my passions for both writing and marketing, and focus my skills and experience on Web Design and Digital Marketing for writers. I understand the financial constraints of writers and recognise a large need for affordable web design and a strong digital footprint, with a focus on writers and their readers.

So, I’m at your service. I work personally, with all of my clients to achieve a web presence that they can be proud of, and one which will get their work in front of as many people as possible.

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